Theme of the weekend: “Sadhana: American Tribal Style® Bellydance as a Spiritual Practice”

Fluid Feminine Movement with Jenn Kasper – Licensed S Factor Instructor (Saturday, 9:30-11:00)

In this 90 minute class, we will begin by learning a bit about this practice – its origins, its mission and its movements – after which Jenn will lead you on a journey to discover your curves and sensuality through a one hour Fluid Feminine Movement workout. This open-level class is intelligently designed to guide women through a sensual flow of body-loving movement, to awaken the curves of the feminine body and ignite the feminine spirit. It will empower and strengthen your whole body, inside and out.

 The Subtle Body: Inviting Your Whole Self to Dance” with Angie Never (Saturday 11:00-12:30)

Alongside the physical body, yogic anatomy recognizes four distinct layers of the self that shape and affect all our actions.  In this workshop, we’ll identify these subtle levels and learn how to engage and unify them to support your practice. Basic ATS® vocabulary, exercise movement, and breathing techniques will be used to illustrate the concepts, but the theory is applicable to any practice you engage in.

Elements of Ritual: Inviting the Sacred to the Dance with Angie Never (Saturday, 1:30-3:00)

Human beings have been creating ritual from movement and music since our earliest years on this planet, but the rituals created in the past may not be the rituals we need in the present.  This workshop will identify the fundamental elements of ritual and start a conversation about shaping them to suit your needs. We’ll investigate both adding something special to the rituals you already do and specifically creating ritual to connect with what is sacred to you.

Beat Science World Tour: Egypt with Zach Beery (Saturday, 3:00-4:30)

The rhythms of Egypt are what get the party started.  These time-tested beats in 2, 4, and 8 form the roots of popular bellydance music and are loved by drummers, Tribal dancers, and Cabaret dancers alike.  Dancers and drummers will become musicians as we learn music theory, tradition, and context for these classic drum songs. Bring finger cymbals, doumbeks, frame drums, or get ready to clap!

Beat Science World Tour: Magic of Frame Drums with Angie Never and Zach Beery (Saturday, 4:30-5:30)

A large group of people playing frame drums is part of the village celebration for a reason.  These amazing drums are perfect for creating community and induce a powerful meditative state.  Learn some unique Persian rhythms and discuss ways to incorporate them into your own practice.

The Missing Element: An Exercise in Self-Analysis using Fire, Earth, Air and Water with Susan Warner (Sunday, 9:30-11:00)

It is crucial for a dancer to maintain physical balance as she practices and performs. But what about balance of a more metaphysical nature? To operate effectively,  a dancer needs her primal elements to be balanced and functional. In this (mostly) lecture workshop, we are going to identify your dominant element, identify your elements of weakness or dysfunction, and then brainstorm creative ways to bring yourself, and your dance, back to harmony. This is truly an alternative avenue of self-analysis and critique. 90 minutes. Lecture. Good for all level dancers

Beat Science World Tour: Morocco and Turkey with Zach Beery (Sunday, 11:00-12:30) 

The last stops on the tour are the hypnotic 6s of Morocco and the uneven odd rhythms of Turkey.  While sounding strange to us they are completely normal for clapping and dancing in their home countries and can be for us, too with a little practice.  Learn cultural context for these unusual time signatures and practical application for ATS.

Deep Sadhana: Inviting Dance into Your Life with Angie Never (Sunday, 1:30-3:30)

We all share a deep desire to practice, and we all struggle with making time for practice in our busy lives.  In this workshop, you’ll learn to plan your week to include practices that don’t get skipped, create focused drills to create improvement in your personal technique, and use the intelligence of yoga and strength training to support the frequency of dancing you want to do.  Participants should bring their calendars and a journal or notebook to create a plan to take meaningful, dedicated practice you’re your everyday life.

Dancing and Drumming in Flow with Angie Never and Zach Beery (Sunday, 3:30-4:30)

Dancing in Flow™ was created by Carolena Nericcio with the class format of “all dance, no talk.”  This creates a powerful meditative practice that moves participants from the physical body all the way to pure bliss.  We’ll be expanding on this idea by inviting everyone to participate as dancers or drummers or both as they see fit. We’ll combine all levels of ATS® vocabulary with Beat Science World Tour rhythms and Stone Soup ritual elements to create a memorable hour of community ritual practice to finish the weekend.