Stone Soup Packing List

Packing seems like one of those things that’s simple until it’s the night before you have to leave and suddenly it’s not. I know this is the first workshop for several of our dancers, so hopefully this will help you bring exactly what you need.

This is heavily borrowed from DeAnna Freeman’s Reunion packing list. 🙂

Basic Packing List

  1. Underwear–I know this seems obvious, but if you’re coming from out of town, bring twice the underwear you think you’ll need, really!  Swampy nethers in an enclosed dance space gets rough by Sunday afternoon.
  2. Dance Clothes: Again, it’s always good to overpack so you can replace sweaty clothes before they start to bother your skin.  For this particular workshop, you don’t need to be in full ATS® rehearsal attire–just yoga pants, a tank or tee, and a hip scarf would be fine (you’re welcome to bring cholis and skirts if you want, though!)
  3. Street/Traveling Clothes: April in KC is usually beautiful, but in the past couple years we’ve also had surprise snow and cold and windy days, so bring layers.  Hopefully a light jacket will suffice, but bring a coat and leave it in your car if you don’t need it.
  4. Performance Costuming: If you’re performing in the Dark Moon Hafla, don’t forget your costuming!  There’ll be plenty of time to change in your hotel room, or in the green room at the Squeezebox Theatre before the show.  Performers–the stage is painted plywood, so PLEASE bring dance shoes just in case.
  5. Zills–put your name on your zills or zill case!
  6. Yoga/Pilates Mat–unroll and tuck flat over everything in your suitcase (if you’re flying in and don’t want to bring a mat, or you don’t have a mat to bring, please let me know.  I have several I can loan to people who need them)
  7. Drum (optional): If you’d like to bring a drum for the percussion classes, feel free!  Zach has said they’re not necessary, and zills and clapping hands will also suffice.
  8. Water bottle–put your name on this, too!
  9. Notebook and pencil/pen–put your name on this, three!
  10. Charging cables for phones/ipads/watches
  11. Personal Toiletries/Medications

Not Necessary, but Nice to Have

  1. Your pain reliever of choice
  2. Foam Roller/Fascia balls
  3. Any troupe or workshop swag you’d like to share (postcards, business cards, flyers, pins)