Stone Soup 2020: Stick ’em with the Pointy End

Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19, 2020

Overland Park, KS

Stone Soup is a folktale about about the power of openness and collaboration where hungry travelers convince a village to come together, share bits and pieces of what they have, and ultimately enjoy an incredible meal together.

The Stone Soup Tribal Weekend will honor that spirit, allowing each participant to explore and discover their own gifts and contributions to their personal dance practice, their troupe, and the dance community at large through dance and drumming workshops, a performance and open dance/drum jam, and community building and fellowship.

Our 2019 weekend was an amazing experience!  Thank you to Angie Never, Zach Never, Susan Warner, and Jenn Kasper for sharing your wisdom and passion with us.

Our 2020 workshop (Stick’ em with the Pointy End) is not only a celebration of sword work in belly dance, but we’re also cutting to the heart of what makes a great belly dance performance and character.  Check out our workshop descriptions to learn more about what Melody and Virginia have cooked up for us!

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