Event Schedule


8:30-9:30 registration/vending opens

9:30-11:00 Fluid Feminine Movement with Jenn

 11:00-12:30 The Subtle Body – Inviting Your Whole Self to Dance

 12:30-1:30 Lunch and Shopping

1:30-3:00 The Elements of Ritual – Inviting the Sacred to Dance

 3:00-4:00 Beat Science World Tour: Egypt with Zach

4:30-5:30 Beat Science World Tour: The Magic of Frame Drums with Zach and Angie

5:30-7:30 Dinner/Get ready for the show

 8:00-9:30 Dark Moon Hafla (Squeezebox Theater–Doors Open at 7:30)

9:30–whenever After party at The Brick


8:30-9:30 Vending and Registration Opens

 9:30-11:00 The Missing Element with Susan

 11:00-12:30 Beat Science World Tour: Morocco and Turkey with Zach

 12:30-1:30 Lunch and Shopping

1:30-3 Deep Sadhana – Inviting Dance to Your Life with Angie

3:00-4:00 Dancing and Drumming in Flow with Zach and Angie