About Banduri Tribal

Our Troupe

Banduri Tribal Belly Dance is a Fat Chance Belly Dance® certified American Tribal Style® Sister Studio based in Kansas City, Missouri. We’re a relatively new troupe to the belly dance scene, but our members come from a variety of dance and performing arts backgrounds.

Banduri Tribal’s motto “Dance first, think later” reminds us to leave our insecurities, troubles, and stress on the dance floor (and we’ve learned that dance class is excellent therapy for what ails us!). We happily welcome anyone 14 and older, regardless of gender, body type, skill level, belief system, or fitness level. Belly dance is truly for every body!

Our Director

Banduri founder and troupe director Erin Hillier didn’t begin her dance career until her late twenties when she was bit by the tango bug and soaked up Kansas City’s small but exciting Argentine tango scene. Sadly, KC’s amazing tango teacher moved to Germany and the community fizzled out, so Erin nervously signed up for belly dance classes at the local community center, and the rest, as they say, is history. Erin has studied belly dance since 2009. She got her start in tribal fusion and Hot Pot-style ITS as a student and member of Troupe Duende. In 2012, she began taking American Tribal Style® classes with Susan Warner of Project Shimmy and never looked back. Erin earned her ATS® General Skills certification in 2017 and her ATS® Teacher Training certification in 2018. In 2018, Banduri Tribal was accepted as a Fat Chance Belly Dance® Sister Studio, and Erin is a proud member of the Sister Studio Continuing Education program. She is also a co-producer of ATS® Reunion, the largest annual gathering of ATS® dancers in the world.